Satan Gold

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Satan Gold

The golden-yellow sunny colour and fruity taste make this for the connoisseurs and beer lovers the most beloved bee

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Technical data

  • Specific ingredients: a mixture of low coloured malts.
  • Color: golden
  • Taste: round, fine taste, fruity with a touch of bitterness, spicy, complex and subtile refering to the most carefully elected hops and spices.
  • Technical description: Alcohol 8 vol.%, Degrees Plato: 17 Pl°
  • Serving temperature: between de 8° - 10°C
  • Type: high fermentation brew with refermentation in the bottle


  • 1 x 33 cl Ideal for the connoisseur. EAN-code: 5412107000466
  • 4 x 33 cl Perfect for you and your best friends. EAN-code: 5412107000886
  • Big 75 cl bottle For all those special occasions. EAN-code: 5412107000015
  • 24 x 33 cl In practical crates, for the big fans. EAN-code: 5412107000879